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Cullman Bancorp, Inc. is the federally-chartered mid-tier stock holding company formed by Cullman Savings Bank to be its holding company as part of its mutual holding company reorganization and initial public offering. Cullman Bancorp, Inc. owns all of Cullman Savings Bank’s capital stock and was incorporated in October 2009. Cullman Bancorp, Inc.’s common stock is publicly traded on The OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol “CULL.”

Cullman Savings Bank, MHC is our federally-chartered mutual holding company parent. As a mutual holding company, Cullman Savings Bank, MHC is a non-stock company. Cullman Savings Bank, MHC, currently owns a majority of the voting stock of Cullman Bancorp, Inc.

Founded in 1887, Cullman Savings Bank is a federally-chartered savings bank that operates four full service locations in Cullman County, Alabama. As a community-oriented savings bank, the company offers a variety of deposit and loan products to individuals and small businesses. Cullman Savings Bank’s business consists primarily of accepting deposits from the general public and investing those deposits, together with funds generated from operations and borrowings, in residential loans, commercial real estate loans, construction loans, home equity loans and lines of credit, commercial loans, automobile and other consumer loans.

Cullman Bancorp, Inc.
ATTN: Investor Relations
316 Second Avenue SW
Cullman, AL 35055

Transfer Agent
Computershare, Inc. is the transfer agent and registrar for Cullman Bancorp, Inc. and maintains shareholder records for the company.
You may contact them at:
Computershare, Inc.
Dept. CH 16934
Palantine, IL 60055-6934
(800) 652-9154

Corporate Governance

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics [pdf]
Audit Committee Charter [pdf]
Governance/Nominating Committee Charter [pdf]
Compensation Committee Charter [pdf]

Other Events
January 2021 [pdf]
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Financial Reporting

We strive to make our financial reporting clear and concise allowing our shareholders and others to be fully informed. Please click on the links below to view our most recent annual report(s) and SEC Filing(s). You may visit for information on Section 16 Insider Reports and other SEC correspondence.

Proxy Statement – April 16, 2012 [pdf]
Proxy Statement – April 18, 2011 [pdf]
Proxy Statement – April 19, 2010 [pdf]

Quarterly Report – December 31, 2020 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – September 30, 2020 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – June 30, 2020 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – March 31, 2020 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – December 31, 2019 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – September 30, 2019 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – June 30, 2019 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – March 31, 2019 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – December 31, 2018 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – September 30, 2018 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – June 30, 2018 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – March 31, 2018 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – December 31, 2017 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – September 30, 2017 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – June 30, 2017 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – March 31, 2017 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – December 31, 2016 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – September 30, 2016 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – June 30, 2016 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – March 31, 2016 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – December 31, 2015 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – September 30, 2015 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – June 30, 2015 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – March 31, 2015 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – December 31, 2014 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – December 31, 2013 [pdf]
Quarterly Report – December 31, 2012 [pdf]

Form 10-Q – June 30, 2012 [pdf]
Form 10-Q – March 31, 2012 [pdf]
Form 10-K – December 31, 2011 [pdf]
Form 10-Q – September 30, 2011 [pdf]
Form 10-Q – June 30, 2011 [pdf]
Form 10-Q – March 31, 2011 [pdf]
Form 10-K – December 31, 2010[pdf]
Form 10-Q – September 30, 2010 [pdf]
Form 10-Q – June 30, 2010 [pdf]
Form 10-Q – March 31, 2010 [pdf]
Form 10-K December 31, 2009 [pdf]

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