Switch to Us

Switching banks can be a hassle, unless you are switching to Cullman Savings Bank!

The first thing you should do is stop by one of our branches to open a checking or savings account. If your time is limited and you can’t drop in, call us and we’ll come to you!

Helpful hint: Stop writing checks from your previous account to allow time for checks to clear.

Once your account is open, print the forms below that apply to you.

The Direct Deposit form should go to the payroll department of your employer or the company from which you receive your funds. Include a voided check from Cullman Savings Bank with your request.

The Automatic Withdrawal Change form is a tool to have any automatic payments changed from your old account. Include a voided check from Cullman Savings Bank with your request.

The Close My Account form is the last step for switching your account to Cullman Savings Bank. After all outstanding checks have cleared and everything has your new account number on it, send this letter to your previous bank to close your previous account.

If there are any questions about this process or about our other products and services, call 734-1740 for more information.

  • Select and open a new Cullman Savings Bank Checking Account.
  • Transfer Direct Deposits and Automated Transfers to your new account.
  • Close your old accounts with your existing bank, credit union, etc.,

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