Kids Club

Kids, newborn to 18 years of age can join the Kids Club by opening a Kids Club Savings account at any Cullman Savings Bank location. Parents, grandparents or guardians must have an active checking account with Cullman Savings Bank and sign on the Kids Club Savings account. Kids Club has two special age groups: 


  • Young Savers begin their banking experience as they start saving their pennies. When they come to the bank to deposit into their savings account, they will receive stickers they can save for prizes. Five stickers will complete a sticker card which can be redeemed once a month for a prize. Young Savers must be present to receive a sticker.


  • Pre-Teens and Teens will receive points for the number of deposits they make to their savings account. Ten (10) points qualifies the teen to receive a reward (no more than once every three (3) months). They must be present to receive points.